Transformer/Switchgear Oil

Transformer/Switchgear Oil

As part of our maintenance and services, we remove old oil if our inspections and testing have revealed acidy, dielectric strength or moisture.

Our annual inspection and operational checks include transformer oil sampling. Trend analysis is a key indicator towards helping to identify any potential transformer problems and can help in preventing catastrophic failure.

We have one of the largest stocks of associated HV and LV switchgear. This allows us to provide assistance quickly in the event of a breakdown, ensuring your site can be up and running again within a minimum time frame, keeping lost production down to the minimum.

Removal of the old oil is essential and should be undertaken as soon as possible otherwise you risk power failure to the site as high voltage equipment relies heavily on it to cool down the electrical current.

Our oil services include:

  • Conducting inspections and testing of oil;
  • Dealing with oil that has been contaminated;
  • Oil drains;
  • Providing oil testing report and results;
  • Topping up oil;
  • Transportation of oil;
  • Undertaking oil changes.
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