Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction is electrical equipment installed on your site and it is an essential piece of equipment.

We offer a repair and maintenance service for any existing equipment along with the installation of new equipment or extending any existing equipment.

Power factor plays a crucial role on site. When electrical equipment on-site uses power, it is called real power. However, power may be drawn on-site that is not used directly and this is called reactive power. The power factor is calculated based on the real and reactive power and if the site has a poor power factor; it means it is paying out for energy that is not used.

Power factor correctness, aka PFC, is equipment with technology helping to ensure a reduction in electricity bills as it can maintain the level of consumption of reactive power, keeping down losses. Having good power factor correction reduces the strain on electrical infrastructure.

HV Solutions can help to boost your power factor as we address the underlying causes of reactive loads, thereby reducing the demand for reductive power.

There are many negative impacts of a poor power factor. These include losses at transformers due to more power draining from the network and effective capacity reduction.

The benefits of improvement in power factor correction include:

  • A reduction of demand for power from the network resulting in lower bills;
  • Boosting the effective capacity of the electrical network;
  • Prolonging equipment lifespan;
  • Reducing the losses in supply transformers.
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